We are a small intentional community located at 1910 Constance St, the Irish Channel.  Our primary ministry is to invite people who are experiencing homelessness to live with us in community while being supported in transitioning to a better living situation for themselves.  Volunteers live together with guests and share a life of daily meals, house responsibilities, and enjoying time together.  Space is limited, and typically we have 2 to 6 residents living with us at a time.

On Tuesdays  we bring dinner for 20 to 60 folks at the Hope House around the corner.  From 6 pm to 8pm, we enjoy a meal, conversation, watch a movie, use internet, and relax from the elements in a safe and comfortable environmental.  We are grateful for all those who have volunteered to help cook this meal and do dishes at Hope House and welcome anyone who is interested to contact us at 504-527-5363.

In addition to all this, we  hope to continue having a different speaker from the community who enlightens us on local and global issues every 3rd Friday of the month at our Clarification of Thought.  We publish a newsletter when we can, and are available to speak to any groups interested in learning more about the Catholic Worker movement. We have sacred reading studies whenever there is enough energy and passion to organize them.

Gratitude and love to the countless individuals throughout New Orleans and beyond who work for peace and justice and support us in so many ways.  Thanks to you, we are able to continue offering a welcoming place for people of many different walks of life to come together.


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